Tim ClausFive Questions and Answers: Tim Claus shares his insights on SCRUM methods

"People need to be ready to adapt to a new way of thinking for their work. It enriches them and the company, and this starts almost immediately after the adoption of the methodology."

Question 1: Can you share what provoked your interest in SCRUM methods?

Answer: I have been working in Agile environments since 2017, and felt as if a new world had opened. Having worked for projects in environments based on PMI and Prince 2 before, the focus was suddenly put on the implementing teams, interactions and shared involvement I see huge benefits in this new way of working, as it allows for projects to be implemented way more efficiently.

Question 2: As a certified professional and active practitioner, what are the top three benefits of using SCRUM in your work?


  1. Iterative implementation cycles increase the value of the end products, and is the real definition of 'agile', in my opinion.
  2. Ensure commitment: a personal feeling of accomplishment means high motivation.
  3. Everyone should provide their feedback at different levels, and based on their own experience and expertise.

Question 3: What tips can you give to your students to help them reach to mastery level?

Answer: Agile is just a framework, and not a rule set. You adapt to your own needs. You simply take the best, and fine tune 'on the way'. Listen to the team, involve everyone, adapt and resolve. Keep practicing and you will see the benefits very soon.

Question 4: What is SCRUM for you?

Answer: Scrum is about empowering. The people, the project, and the company all benefit from it. It's about bringing maximum value as soon as possible, while allowing to adapt to potential changes.

Question 5: As a trainer, what advice can you give to anyone interested to start their SCRUM journey?

Answer: Sign up for the Scrum Agile course! Seriously, though: there are a lot of resources on the internet, where you can learn a lot but obtaining structured knowledge and official certification will help your career enormously.