With so much information, data and evidence available, identifying effective strategies for addressing problems is one of the biggest challenges that organisations face today.

Planning for success in the age of information

Specialising in advisory and management consulting for Small and Mid-Size transformation, development and organisational improvement initiatives, we support clients to understand the challenges they face, articulate clear goals, and develop evidence-based strategies for achieving their objectives.

Combining expertise in economics, commercial, technical and transaction advisory, we help project proponents to plan for success and deliver projects that respond to local needs.

InterQuality supports best practice project scoping, planning and delivery.

Consulting by InterQuality

In terms of turbulence and change only 1 paradigm is standing: continuous transformation. With the labor market shrinking, the war for talent and the slowing down of the productivity, companies need to keep challenging their business model and the way they operate to stay competitive. In the consulting division of InterQuality, we have senior advisors with each 15+ experience in operations and IT. Our consulting team will help you and your company to stay competitive while meeting the needs of your customers, investors, and stakeholders.

Transition consulting and support services

Our Consulting department offers flexible external support to cope with daily challenges. Companies are continuously in transitions and while the impact of digitalization and automations is still very new for many companies, a fourth revolution has already started with Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Automations.

In order to manage the change, flexible external support is needed. Our consulting department offers resources for projects, specific consulting and hands on expertise to support your team. The transition and support services within our consulting department offers operational, flexible, pragmatic and custom-made solutions.

Consulting is not only advising anymore

In InterQuality, we called "Do-How" a new and sometimes unconventional combination of intelligent capacity ("do") and pragmatic advise ("know-how"). Consulting is more about pragmatic support and finding suitable resources for every level in the organization. Consulting helps you to deal with your daily challenges and be ready for the future.

We know that, to have success, a company needs to be agile and respond quickly to the changing environment. Our consulting team can be quickly mobilized to support you in no time. Our consulting team is specialized in delivering quickly the appropriate solutions with the appropriate consulting experts.

New Ways of working in consulting

Our consulting team consists of experts in specific areas. Experienced business managers and Subject Matter Experts. They are the link between the need of your customers and the ambition and vision of our consulting team. Team work is essential. We need deep understanding of the needs of your customers and combine it with the knowledge, skills, ambitions & roadmaps of our consultants. We match the best consulting team with the required skillset with the needs of the customers. Pro-actively we highlight opportunities and deliver solutions.

Consulting areas of expertise

Our consulting team delivers operational support to corporates, financial institutions, public sector and non-profit organizations. As we have access to a wide network of experts, we can easily expand our core consulting team with specific experts. With that we can offer you specific sector, technical and functional expertise in the field of Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management, Risk & Compliance, Digital Transformation, Process Management, Project Management and Change Management.

Consulting 1 - road to business success

Beyond Advisory, beyond traditional Consulting

With our consulting team, we go beyond traditional advisory. We deliver pragmatic solutions for our costumers from insights to implementation. The ambition of our consulting team is to go "beyond advisory". Feedback that we got from several of our previous customers. Our consulting services go beyond smart reports. We create added value by looking at end-to-end processes. Our consulting team delivers projects from start till end, from insights to execution, from idea to go-live.

Thanks to the expertise of our consultants and the close collaboration with our customers, we deliver solutions that are clear & relevant, based on our industry knowledge. Solutions that we know they work.

Our consulting team will deliver you best practices in terms of advisory, project implementation and project delivery. We deliver end to end solutions having in mind cross department opportunities. Our consulting team is ready to deliver integrated solutions that have a measurable impact on your business. Our consulting team has extensive experience in Governance, People Management,
Processes, Systems and Data.

Consulting for Process Improvement

We all operate in a very complex environment, with digital transformation and new technology in general that is coming to market quicker than ever before. On top of that, the regularity requirement are changing frequently and become more strict and complex as well. Because of this, our consulting team is more often involved in setting up and executing internal audits and controls.

To facilitate that, our consulting team can advise and implement new target operating models, processes, systems, data structure and controls. We will help you driving your efficiency, effectiveness and service to the next level.

Thanks to end-to-end process thinking and bringing visibility in your processes, the consulting team will help you to implement a culture of continuous improvement. Continuous improvement is critical for your future success. InterQuality has specialised and experienced trainers to train and certify your teams in Lean Six sigma.

Consulting 2 - successful implementation

Management information consulting

Understanding your value and cost drivers is essential to run your business as efficient as possible. With our consulting team and practical knowledge, we can high-light your critical drivers for profit and cost. We visualize your end to end process and highlight your value added activities, highlighting your waste in your processes. With that we can optimize your Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning-systems (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management-systems (CRM).

Our consulting team has extensive experience working with these systems and knows very well how to manage this data for your Bl systems to have the information at hand for consistent and accurate reporting. We strongly believe that technology need to drive better insights. Real time information for real time decision making.

The consulting team of InterQuality has the expertise in house for improving your reporting and/or helping to select and implement reporting tools. We have experience in most of the new ERP systems, as well as BI tools like Tableau & Power BI and Microsoft stack. Our consulting team has also experience in driver based forecasting and other Corporate Performance Management systems

Through a participative approach, our consulting team will redesign your company's way of working to improve its agility and responsiveness through & more customer-centric and outside-in approach.

Consulting for end to end implementation 

Implementing projects can be painful. A lot of projects miss the initial deadlines and exceeding the agreed budget. Our consulting team has delivered numerous projects successfully on time and on budget. With our end to end support the consulting team supports project owners from concept to go live. Our consulting team will support you during your journey.

Consulting 3 - our approach and best practices in action

Our project implementation services contains:

  • Analysis and definition of the business and functional requirements
  • Building the business case
  • Stakeholder management, risk management and change management and training
  • Mobilise expertise in relevant functional areas like IT, IFRS, GDPR, cost calculation
  • User Acceptance testing
  • After care management

Our consulting team is available to listen to your needs.

Contact our consulting team: info@interqualitybg.com

Transition consulting and support services
Consulting is not only advising anymore
New Ways of working in consulting
Consulting areas of expertise
Beyond Advisory, beyond traditional Consulting
Consulting for Process Improvement
Consulting for end to end implementation