Cookies Policy for InterQuality Ltd.

Why does the Interquality site use cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They allow the website to save your actions and preferences (language, font and other settings) for a specific period of time so that you do not have to enter them every time you visit our site or go from one page to another.

What are cookies used for?

a) compiling the content of the sites according to the user 's preferences and for optimizing Internet usage, for example, to show adaptation to the functions of your device information;
b) the creation of statistics, which helps us to analyze the way users interact with the service / information;
(c) providing users with advertising content adapted to their interests, including through remarketing.
d) maintaining the Internet session in a way that the user can avoid constantly entering a username and password when visiting each site page.
When you visit the website of our company, cookies can automatically be installed and temporarily stored on your computer or in the hard drive memory in order to facilitate your navigation on our site. Cookies do not allow us to help identify you - they are used to record information about your visits to pages on our website, the date and time of your visit, etc. You can disable cookies in your browser. This action will result in disabling all cookies used by your browser, including those from other websites, which may change or lose some settings or information. Disabling cookies may change your browsing experience on our site or make it difficult.

What can I do if I do not want to use cookies?

Most web browsers allow the storage of cookies by default in the user's equipment. Users of our services can make changes and settings related to cookies at any time.

These settings can be changed to block the automatic management of cookies by configuring your browser or be informed about them every time you surf the Internet.

You can find out more about the possibilities and ways of processing cookies to find in the software settings (web browser). No change in settings of cookies means that they will be entered into the user's end device and so we will save the information about the device and the end user 's access to this information.

Disabling cookies may prevent the use of certain cookies services provided by our sites due to the need for authentication.

Disabling the acceptance of cookies will not affect you, but will limit your ability to read or view content.

Cookies can be included in the end device of the site and used in collaboration with advertisers, research companies and suppliers of multimedia applications