Engagement Project

International Production and Sales Company

International Production and Sales Company operating in 13 countries with 45 production sites across Europe with 24.500 employees

Challenges / Requirements

The challenge in this project was to drive engagement in a routine/transactional based organisation in a highly competitive market to reduce the double-digit attrition rate

The project had the following building blocks:

  • Understand what drives engagement for the team
  • Understand the market environment
  • Understand people management skillset

Project Summary

We developed a detailed 12 week plan of work, with a set of deliverables that we believe met the needs

  • Organise an engagement survey with engagement champions
  • Set up work group around the key drivers of engagement
  • Introduced Diversity and Inclusion counsel
  • Benchmark benefits plan
  • Provided people management training
  • Aligned Roles and Responsibilities and introduced junior – senior – expert roles

Value Delivered

The project team supported by the HR department helped to create a documented Value Proposition Framework for the people. This mainly focussed upon 3 key areas:

  • Benefits (financial and non-financial)
  • Career Opportunities
  • Learning Opportunities