Supply Chain Optimisation through Lean & Six Sigma

International Production and Sales Company

International Production and Sales company in both production and services sector. Headquarters in US. Bulgaria based operations 4000+ employees.

Challenges / Requirements

The focus of this project was to focus on process inefficiencies and implement process improvement with regard to supply chain operations.

The project had the following building blocks:

  • Create awareness of Lean methods
  • Investigate problem areas
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Lead a team of process experts to implement critical improvements
  • Set up operational process KPIs, tracking and reporting
  • Create double loop learning system

Project Summary and Project Deliverables:

  • Initial engagement meetings
  • Training delivery on lean methods awareness
  • Analyse process data from IT system, customer survey data
  • Understand linkage of processes
  • Identify improvement initiatives: process analysis of key processes VSM, analysis of KPIs, gaps and opportunities
  • Scope improvement initiatives and deliver results
  • Set up operational process KPIs, tracking and reporting
  • Revised process documentation
  • Set up a role of process champion to ensure problem capturing and follow up

Value Delivered

  • Lean methods awareness
  • Benefits (financial and non-financial)
  • Key process improvement delivered in specific areas
  • Improved view of process performance through established regular process analysis and tracking