Why get Six Sigma Certified?

Why get Lean Six Sigma Certified?

Six Sigma is a world wide recognised certification which helps professionals and organizations complete process improvement projects with greater efficiency, decrease costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Many organizations have implemented Lean and Six Sigma methods in order to increase the level of quality of the results and also reduce costs by reducing defects and  inefficiencies. There are multiple benefits of adopting Six Sigma.

For Individuals

The increasing popularity and demand for Six Sigma and Lean professionals has created a big demand for certified professionals on the job market.

For Organizations

Lean and Six Sigma certified professionals support organizations to improve their level of efficiency which also leads to increased ROI.

Certification Hierarchy

Certified professionals support organizations with increased level of processes and quality outputs that lead to better financial results. They have knowledge and skills to lead the practical implementation of Six Sigma methods.

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Certification hierarchy