Process Optimisation through lean methods

International Production and Sales Company

International Production and Sales company in Utilities sector. Headquarters in EU. Bulgaria based operations 2300+ employees, 30 000 customers.

Challenges / Requirements

The focus of this project was to focus on process inefficiencies and implement process improvement.

The project had the following building blocks:

  • Create awareness of Lean Six Sigma methods through training
  • Deliver Minitab training for process data analytics
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Support delivery of improvement initiatives

Project Summary and Deliverables:

  • Initial engagement meetings
  • Training delivery (Phase 1: LSS Yellow Belt and Minitab trainings; Phase 2: LSS Green Belt training).
  • Analyse process data from IT system, customer survey data, internal employee utilisation and capacity data
  • Identify improvement initiatives: process by process analysis, VSM, analysis of KPIs, gaps and opportunities
  • Scope improvement initiatives and deliver results
  • Review roles and responsibilities
  • Improve resource planning

Value Delivered

  • LSS methods awareness and culture
  • Benefits (financial and non-financial)
  • Improved view of process performance through established regular process analysis and tracking