HRISTINA STOYANOVAFive Questions and Answers: Hristina Stoyanova shares her insights on Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methods

"My Lean Six Sigma knowledge has helped me grow my career and expand my visibility in the company and outside of it."

Question 1: Can you share what provoked your interest in process improvement methods?

Answer: I started leading process improvement initiatives about 10 years ago. Back then, what fascinated me was the result that we achieved and the difference we made not only for the business but also for the process practitioners. Using process improvement methodology helped us apply a structured and guided approach which made our job much easier.

Question 2: As a certified professional and active practitioner, what are the top three benefits of using Lean Six Sigma in your work?

Answer: It helps me remove waste in everything I do, gives me a structured approach to solving any problem and makes decision making much easier for me. My Lean Six Sigma knowledge gives me confidence, helps me look in the right areas and ask the right questions.

Question 3: What tips can you give to your students to help them reach to mastery level?

Answer: Practice your knowledge. Use as many of the Lean Six Sigma tools as possible, play with them. Apply the Lean Six Sigma knowledge and mindset in any area of your life – both personal and professional. Remove the waste and focus on the value.

Question 4: What is Lean Six Sigma for you?

Answer: Lean Six Sigma is my go-to guide in many situations. The latest one that I am addressing with Lean Six Sigma is removing waste in my daily tasks to free up space for self-care and the activities that bring me joy and energy.

In my role of an HP Sofia Lean Six Sigma Community Lead, I have had the opportunity to host many events in HP and externally and expand my network of contacts

Question 5: As a trainer, what advice can you give to anyone interested to start their process improvement journey now?

Answer: Go for Lean Lean Six Sigma training and certification! You will never regret. A totally new world of opportunities will open for you.