Marin Ranchev, Manager Continuous Improvement Production, AurubisMarin Ranchev took the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and completed successfully his certification in 2021. Currently he is undergoing the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program – the highest level of process improvement certification. Marin leads key projects and actively applies his process improvement knowledge and skills for his company benefit.

Marin shares his experience of going through the program and applying the Lean Six Sigma methodology in his work.

Question 1: Which aspects of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program you enjoyed the most? Why? 

Participating in the online program, I enjoyed the following aspects the most:

The training materials in the form of presentations and activities in Minitab were well structured and adjusted to get a good understanding of the material itself.
Mentoring as part of my online training was a very useful part that really helped me digest the material faster. I would recommend this as an option for every trainee.
Flexibility for providing the training hours is a great advantage to course participants and I am very grateful to have this!

Question 2: Mentoring: Which aspects of mentoring did you like the most and what can be further improved? Why?

For me personally, mentoring was a very useful part of the training program, because I received additional guidance and focused discussions with the trainer. This helped me to better and faster navigate through the learning materials and get advice where it is important to focus throughout each stage of the program.

As in any training course, no matter what the topic is, it is very useful to get real life examples to better understand the theoretical material and be able to compare to production or administrative problems and projects. My mentor provided me with multiple examples for which I am very grateful.

Question 3: Would you recommend the training program in combination with mentoring to your colleagues and friends?

Yes, for sure. The combination with mentoring is a ‘must’ for this type of training courses.

Question 4: Would you like to progress to the next level – Black Belt? If so – how soon do you plan to do so?

I plan to move to Black Belt level as soon as possible after completing the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program.

Question 5: Do you plan to continue to develop your skills? If so – in what way?

Yes, I plan to do that through working on different improvement projects in the company where I work at the moment.

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