Lean and LSS Training
Training programs and costs have an easily measured up-front cost of time and money. Those line items are difficult to handle on a tight budget. However, added costs of poorly trained staff shows the importance of training employees.
Drive your efficiency and effectivess of your company through training

Having a trained workforce means your workers are learning new skills that can improve production, cut time spent in creation of your product (or service), reduce production costs, reduce mistakes, build confidence in your workforce, and create a better working environment. An investment in your employees’ skill sets is an investment in your company. 

The Lean Council and InterQuality are offering a wide range of training opportunities both online and instructor-led.

We are offering training in Lean Practices and Lean Six Sigma, Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt courses. The training content and certification are accredited by the Global Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) and can prepare you for sitting the IASSC exam.