Lean Services


Global Lean Council is a community of professionals who share a passion for organisational improvement. We are committed to providing opportunities for growing professional skills, and creating awareness and competence to drive process improvements in organisations.

We support our members by:

- sharing clear standards and guidance for implementing continuous improvement practices based on quality improvement methods (Lean and Six Sigma toolbox)

- developing skills by providing training and development opportunities for professionals

- supporting organisations in their journey to become best in class companies, and create competitive advantages based on quality improvement practices We work with individual professionals and organisations around the globe.

Apply for FREE professional membership by sending a mail to info@interqualitybg.com. Professional membership ensures you become part of a lean community focused on continued skills development. You can use the related membership discounts on training and certification programs.


Working in an efficient and smart way promotes better quality and improved customer experience.

What we can do for your organisation:

  • Diagnose your current processes to assess operational effectiveness
  • Identify areas for achieving business improvements
  • Improve your daily operations
  • Support you to drive key process changes
  • Implement process improvements
  • Raise quality levels across the company


We work in the following areas:


Providing best-in-class service is a challenge to all companies around the globe. We have the experience and the expertise to support you with service quality improvements. We are trusted experts in raising the levels of service quality to ensure the best customer experience through:


We use methods for Service Quality Assessment to benchmark the current status for your services and identify the gaps that you need to close to become a world class service provider.


Focus the improvements that are needed in order to take your organisation to the next level. Identifying and working on the right areas impacts your customers and guarantees more business.


Manufacturing is traditionally an area for implementing quality improvements through Lean and Six Sigma methods. Improving the production process and productivity is done through:

Review of the existing workflow

Identifying inefficiencies and updating process and technology

Commit to scheduled maintenance

Train employees

Organise the workplace

Maintain optimal inventory